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Our client relationships are loyal and long lasting.

Topline Financial Advisors - Client Stories and Testimonials

This is due in large part, because of our team’s commitment to service, our industry knowledge and because we care for our clients well-being. We work with families, business owners, professionals and corporate executives who are open to change, smart ideas and better solutions. They want a better future for themselves and the people around them.

“I had a good feeling as soon as I met my TopLine advisor in 2004. The team is honest, sincere and caring and always looking out for us; connecting multiple times per year and calling us in if they think anything needs to be changed with our plan. I know they are paying attention to the markets leaving no stone unturned when it comes to our portfolio. They have 100% of my trust. Our advisor is extremely knowledgeable and keeps my husband and I motivated to reach our goals. The team truly cares about our family and our life objectives.”

– Christine, Production Manager

“I’ve been working with my TopLine advisor for 25 years now and what stood out for me was the integrity, honesty and responsiveness. His integrity is 2nd to none. I know they will be there for me. They helped set up RESP’s for my kids and they make sure I maximize my investment contributions each year to get the most out of them. They contact me right away if they think I should make any changes to my plan and always give good, sound reasons as to why. My advisor has been in the business for a long time and has a really good handle on it.”

– Mike, Retired VP of Sales

“I’ve known my advisor for 12 years through hockey and have been a client for 6 years. Before I became a client, we had some great discussions and I really liked his way of thinking – great communicator, honest and knowledgeable. TopLine understands how we want our investments handled and what our objectives are. I think the word ‘committed’ sums it up. They do a good job, they find you the right information and always do what is right.”

– Dave, Business Owner

The Retirement Assessment Tool

No matter how you envision your retirement, the best way to make it a reality is to develop a plan and stick to it. We can help.

Use Manulife's NaviPlan tool to learn more.

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The Major Purchase Assessment Tool

Planning details for your projected major purchases will help estimate the cost and the amount of savings you will need.

Use Manulife's NaviPlan tool to learn more.

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The Education Assessment Tool

Do your homework. How will you ensure that you or your children can continue to focus on school rather than how to pay for it?

Use Manulife's NaviPlan tool to learn more.

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Use of these tools does not replace a comprehensive financial plan. There are numerous factors such as government benefits, taxation, life expectancy and lifestyle that will impact the calculator results differently.